Unobtrusive, relaxed and professional

Asian Wedding Photography

A wedding story not just about dress, table decorations, stage and food - but more importantly - about particular moments of the couple’s attitude, chemistry, body language and feelings to capture the magic of the moment.

Tailored Asian Wedding Photography

There is no doubt an Asian Wedding is a major life event, which requires effort of many people to make it the best for long-lasting memories that the couple can cherish. No matter how small or large – an Asian Wedding is always colorful. We offer you unobtrusive, relaxed and professional reportage/journalist style Asian Wedding Photography that brings together all the events of your special day in the form of a picture story including all the cultural and ceremonial traditions that you may have: Asrti, Baraat, Ganesha puja, Jai mala, Kanya Daan, Mandap, Mehandi, Milni, Pheras, Pundit, Sangeet, Shaadi, Sindoor, Tilak, Vidaai, Vivaah… All brides desire every single element of their wedding to come out perfectly to create a wedding story from every moment of their big day. Blackburn_wedding_ed Me (Vilija) with my lovely clients at Corporation Park, Blackburn

Unobtrusive, Relaxed and Professional

Some of the most beautiful emotions are from nerves as you get ready… to the moment you become husband and wife. Tears and laughter, smiles – and sighs are revealed this way by capturing moments as they happen. We have all been to weddings at which the photographer disturbed the wedding coordinator, bending the entire wedding proceedings to his will with more focus on the shot list than the natural flow of the wedding. This is why many Asian couples are turning to journalist style Asian Wedding Photography, which allows the ceremony to unfold naturally with minimum interference. ManjeetA-5

Journalist Style Asian Wedding Photography

Reportage/journalistic wedding photography isn’t about standing in the shadows waiting for that shot to appear. It’s about you & your photographer moving with the flow of the day capturing events as they unfold. However, even if this style of photography may form the basis of your day, don’t forget that staged classic poses are important – create those truly memorable once in a lifetime images of Love, Glamour and Eternity with touch of art and photographic magic.

Asian wedding photographer Blackburn, Bolton, Preston

Asian wedding photographer Blackburn, Preston, Bolton