How to get perfect “selfie”. Advice not just for the Brides

Don’t we all love a good selfie!? But how to get a good one? Isn’t your phone full of dark, yellowish images where you can barely see your face? Well, not any more! If you follow my instructions soon you will be a master of self-portraits.

  1. First. Find good light or as I call – open shade.
    How to get perfect selfie
    How to get perfect selfie

    Hold your phone up like you are going to take a selfie.  Then slowly turn in a circle to find the most flattering light.  Look for soft window light, soft shade from trees or buildings or away from harsh overhead lighting. That’s so important.

  2. Eliminate distractions in the background. The world doesn’t want to see your toilet or pile of dirty underwear on the floor! Check to see what else will appear in your shot before you snap the picture.  Sometimes just shifting a foot in either direction makes for a cleaner composition.
  3. Use the timer. Every camera or phone has a timer feature! I find that the extra three or five seconds the self-timer mode helps me get composed before the shutter fires.
  4. Use flattering angles. Hold the phone at eye level or slightly above.  Look up to the phone and elongate your neck by pushing your chin toward your phone.  Don’t push your chin up, but forward.  Think of how a turtle sticks its neck out of a shell.  Or try holding your phone slightly to your side and down just a little.  Move your head from side to side slightly to alter the look or catch the light on different parts of your face.
  5. Anything closer to the camera will appear larger.  So if you want that “something” to appear smaller, create some distance between it and the lens.
  6. Look at the lens or off in the distance. But don’t stare at the centre of your phone screen. Have Fun!

So the next time you think of a self-portrait and aren’t sure what to do, use this guide for inspiration and direction and you’ll be on your way to self-portrait photography perfection!

Good luck!


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