How to look your best on your wedding day photographs in 5 hot tips!

How to look your best in your wedding pictures
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Your wedding day is most likely going to be the best day of your life. . Many girls dream of this particular moment – the moment that celebrates love and the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in their lives. It is only natural that you want to look your best on this special day: when you look back on your old photographs and memories, years and years from now, you’ll be filled with nostalgia and happy memories. In this article, you will find a few tips that will help you look your best on your wedding day!

If you want to look beautiful in your photos and appear at your best, it is very important to listen to your photographer and to be very patient. Some brides don’t really want to take enough time to pose or to wait for the perfect lighting, often resulting in shots that might not completely be happy with.

If you want to look your best in your wedding photos, check out these tips!

1: Learn how to present yourself! In order to look good, its important to learn basic things such as how to stand properly or sit elegantly for a good shot. Additionally, it is also important to understand how (and how much) to smile and even avoiding cheap massive eyelashes, which will give a fake, unattractive shine to your photos when you look down. They also very often comes off and at one end and simply spoils all your photographs (as you have no make up artist booked for the whole day who could fix them?)

2: Great make-up! Make-up can do wonders, not only for classic applications such as covering that naughty pimple that showed up the morning earlier, but also to allow light to beautifully reflect your face or accentuate your unique traits. So leave this job for reliable make up artist and not to a friend from work.

3: Be patient and pose the right way


Do not expect photographer is magician and will make look you great without any of your effort. You have to put your effort as well and give your best smile, charming look and be flexible and willing to help photographer to achieve good results. If you allow your photographer time to set up the shot, you will obtain better results. Don?t get upset if after staging one shot photographer suddenly tells you need to change position to different direction. Probably there is a good reason behind it!

Group shots, for example, might take longer than expected to set up, but the extra time will totally be worth your while if you want to ensure a great photograph. It is important to take your time and pose, be patient with your photographer and it will be easier to get a good shot.

Candid shots are great and in some cases they are better than staged ones. But portrait session is essential. So always allocate time for it and do not hesitate to pose to your photographer on every occasion! Best Portrait session location is outdoors, but of course if its raining and you have booked beautiful hall that will do nicely. An hour photography are well worth a memory that will last you a lifetime! Remember that the photographer is here to memorize your wedding at the end of the day.

4: It’s a matter of light. Light changes throughout the day, and it is important to understand that the intensity and quality of light will affect the look of your photographs. It might be a good idea to consider what typos of atmosphere you want to achieve and plan the perfect shoot with your photographer according to the available natural light. Always remember to face to the light (window or artificial) when thinking of having photograph taken, especially candid, when photographer just snaps a moment.


Make sure is plenty light in your venue. Chandeliers, candlelight?s, colorful disco, laser and Christmas lighting will give an extra effect to your wedding photography.




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