Photography with that aged, saturated look, vintage photography

Retro Wedding Photography

Vintage Photography

Retro photography are currently one of the hottest wedding trends. Maybe not for everyone but for those who likes it – we can produce photographs with that aged, saturated look that is so desirable at the moment.

As well as traditional look photography VSFOTO also offering black and white as well as so desirable Vintage Wedding photography. Sometimes images in sepia and black and white looks more impressive than coloured. Our signature editing Рimages with a little twist of vintage and modern.

Vintage effects are largely created by computer software but the appearance can be stunning. We have all seen photographs form bye gone eras. Black and white photos of grandparents and great grandparents and early photos in colour as colour was introduced.
There are many effects to age a photograph but if this is the style you are thinking of, then you can help the outcomes greatly by your chosen outfits and choice of venue. The style and cut of bridal wear especially hats and feathers and parasols will bring out the character of an aged photograph. There are many props that can be introduced to add authentication to your style. The introduction of a vintage car or even a cycle can really set the style and tone. There is lots to think about.